Dive 7

Portland Dredger to 9 m

First dive on a wreck and the first of two qualifying dives to get me to Novice Diver II. I dived with an instructor from the Old Harbour Diving School in Weymouth and a fellow novice called Dave, a balding grey-bearded social worker from Kent. We were skippered to the dive site, the wreck of the Portland Dredger, by a glamourous blonde girl called Lucinda who looked greener and greener as the day wore on, but was never actually seasick. It was great fun to glide over my first wreck. Our instructor Kevan kept on trying to tell us in sign language what each part of the ship was, but I couldn't make head or tail of it. His sign-language for 'winch' had me completely baffled. Moving away from the wreck we came to the rocks along the harbour wall and caught a glimpse of various crabs and fish. At the end of the dive Dave and I took turns sharing air on each other's octopus and practiced EAR.

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