Dive 13

Penwrych 23.2 m

Deepest dive to date. As we entered the water the sea was the calmest I have ever seen it. Instead of waves there were series of very shallow ripples, with patches of the sea looking positively glass-like. All in all the conditions promised good vis. Unfortunately when we started pulling ourselves down the shotline it soon became plain that the vis was pretty bad. When we reached the bottom we finned away from the shotline but didn't reach the wreck. We had been told to head north from the shotline to find the wreck but when I looked at my compass it turned out we had been going south-east. We turned round and swam north and hey presto came across the wreck. Gary caught two crabs and at the end of the dive shovelled fists full of mussels into his goody bag. He threw the crabs back after having a good look at them in the boat.

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