Dive 34

Gordon Reef to 20.5 m

Swam past several dive boats on the surface before dropping down to 8 m. Bottom gently sloped down to about 15 m ending in a drop off into the blue. Saw a Clown fish all on its own. Said hello to Siobhan and got out my slate and had a little conversation. She wrote that the drop off was 'Bloody deep' and then I asked her out to dinner when we got back to the UK. She wrote 'OK. That's funny!'

The current picked up to just over half a knot and it turned into a very pleasant drift dive. Craig banged his tank and called us near so that he could point out a sleeping baby White Tipped Reef shark. Will swam up to take a couple of photographs before it took flight. At least I can say I have seen a shark on a dive! Surfaced, swam back to the boat, but it had to move away from the reef so I hung onto a line behind Mac and we were pulled on a ride by the boat for a while.

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