Dive 49

Hgarr Ix-Xini to 13 m

Snorkelled round the point quite some way. Dropped down to ten metres and followed the shore round. Saw a cuttlefish and an odd fish with two tusks like tongues snuffling around in the sand. Found a cave and ventured in. It got narrower and narrower and I decided I'd had enough when I couldn't see daylight behind me anymore. Quite relieved to get out and finned from the mouth of the cave across pristine sand. Looking up at the staggering rock looming above was thrilling. Swam on a fair way, turned back and got back to the cave entrance again. We went in and I enjoyed it even less a second time round. On leaving the cave for the last time I looked down to see Mac attempt a rescue - he thought I was still left behind in the cave and torpedoed back to get me. I had to power after him and grab a fin to stop him. We missed an earlier cave.

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