Dive 52

Billinghurst Cave

We got up very early to make this a dawn dive. Planned our exit point and then tried to find a suitable entry point near the cave. Simon and I were first in. Swam down straight into the cave. Nothing much to see: a cave's a cave. Came to a very marked thermocline. Water became very warm indeed. I saw a glimmer of natural light above. Went on and came to a very large air pocket. Had a little chat (kept my regulator in my mouth most of the time) and then left the cave. Swam round to the exit point and for me this was the best part of the dive (I'm not a big fan of caves). The visibility was stupendous - easily exceeding 30 m. Was a bit concerned about our dive profile - we were at 30 m having gone down, up and down again inside the cave. Slowly ascended to six metres and did a nice long safety stop. The water here is incredibly crystal clear. It was a shame our trip into the cave meant we couldn't go deeper outside it.

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