Dive 54

Qala Point to 18.6 m

At the start of the dive helped Gary raise a green cast iron bench that had slipped into the water from the quayside. Snorkelled out some way and then dropped down to 10 m. Rather a bland dive with plenty of sea grass and different types of fish which I didn't recognise, but not much else. Eventually turned back. Second half of the dive was a bit more interesting. Saw a weird-looking tiny black fish; when it saw me it darted straight down into the sand in an instant. Swam over ruddy-orange colour fluffy stuff wafting in the swell. Glided over and through almost interesting gullies. Ended up back in a clear wide expanse of sand. Found two bright yellow litter bins which I tried to raise by filling with my exhaled air, but they were too unstable. This dive would have been excellent for a novice, but it was a bit dull for us.

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