Dive 64

Vase Rock Reef to 27.5 m

This was my first dive one on one with Eugene - a competent but very inexperienced diver. It was also my first dive where I was responsible for the delayed SMB kindly lent to us by Paul Larrett. We came down on a landscape covered in Dead man's fingers and kelp. The vis wasn't quite good enough to make this a classic drift dive but it was relatively enjoyable moving through the underwater mountainous landscape. Unfortunately we came to a valley which Eugene sank straight to the bottom of - at 27.5 metres. I was slightly unhappy at needlessly sinking to such a depth for no reason and pointed across and over a rock which would keep us nearer 20 metres for most of the dive.

We saw quite a few fish and anemones. When Eugene got to 80 bar I suggested we head for the surface. Eugene, like me, was wearing a semi-dry suit and so was quite happy to terminate this rather chilly dive after twenty five minutes. The delayed SMB worked a treat and we surfaced with plenty of air. Apart from the bounce down towards 30 metres this had been a text book dive.

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