Dive 77

Buck Rocks to 23.5 m/77 ft

This dive started very hairily. We dropped off the inflatable near a rock poking just out of the water. I had the SMB and made a stupid mistake. In Devon we had been told to stay close into a rock while dropped down, to protect us from the current - but that was when the rock towered over us out of the water. I stupidly did the same with this pinnacle and was promptly washed over the top of it. I let go of the SMB and for a few seconds I could only see foaming white water as I was swept over. The rock thudded into my arm and then I was on the other side. I struggled to retrieve the SMB and reel while thanking my lucky stars I hadn't had my brains bashed out. I had learnt a serious lesson and had come closer to coming a cropper diving than ever before by a mile. Zoe and John surfaced and then we restarted the dive with proceeded without further incident (although as ever with an SMB it was a pain looking after the line to the surface).

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