Friday 26 April 1996

TWATI Reviewer Blasts Force Fins

Review by Ruby Booty
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I've always wondered whether all the fuss and controversy surrounding Force Fins were worth it. Having used this product in extensive testing I can assure you that they most certainly are not. Force Fins are really no match against a conventional regulator.

On opening the box I was pleasantly surprised by their simple and attractive design. No ugly dangling contents gauge or octopus, and the uniform stylish colour complented the tough and rugged design. However it soon became obvious that first impressions can be deceptive. Despite trying the much-vaunted ‘fluttering’ motion, there was no way I could fit the Force Fins to my tank's ‘A’-clamp.

And as for breathability, Force Fins has got to be the worst regulator I have ever used. I inspired vast quantities of salt-water and on taking the product down onto my favourite wreck in 12 fsw I had to rely on my buddies octopus rig to survive. I predict that Force Fins are certainly not going to become the regulator of choice among the cave-diving community.

All in all, despite the hype I would strongly recommend that you steer clear of Force Fins. This is one regulator that is not going to get US Navy approved in a hurry.

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