Dive 29

Thistlegorm to 18.9 m

Getting down to the Thistlegorm is a bit of a palaver. First Craig had to dive down and tie the shot line to the wreck. The day we were there he had trouble finding a suitable place on the wreck to tie on to, but managed it in the end. The blue shot line when up to the bow of our boat, the Snefro, and a green rope ran along the starboard side to the stern where we entered the water. There was quite a swell so the swim along the surface on the green line to the blue shot line was a bit of a fairground ride. Clare saw Dave Trought bouncing up and down like a human yo-yo when he hung onto the blue line with one hand and the green line with the other. After negotiating the bouncy castle join between the two ropes we swiftly pulled ourselves down on the blue shot line onto the bridge of the Thistlegorm at about 12 m.

Followed Will and Barbara around for a while and then met up with Simon and Siobhan on the stern. A little current picked up then which meant it was slightly hard work working our way back up the ship. Swam into the Captain's Bathroom and saw his lavatory. Swam over the locomotive again. I disappeared off the side of the wreck and when I rose up Tony pointed his finger at me in reprimand. (In fact I found out afterwards that he was pointing at me as if to say 'Oh - there you are!' and wasn't in the least bit annoyed at me.)

Saw a Crocodile fish camouflaged on the deck at the stern of the ship. Will and Clare larked around with it for a bit, but I was a bit worried because I thought it was a Stone fish (it looked a bit stony).

Later Tony squeezed into the staircase header and when he came out I squeezed in and gazed down a shaft that led into the depths of the wreck. Afterwards I learnt that Tony cut his head in there and was still smarting when I went in. Did a nice long stop at 6 m on the shot line. Siobhan and Simon followed us up. Siobhan did a little shimmy which made me laugh. It turned out that this had been a shiver because she was cold.

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