Dive 30

Ras Mohammed to 24.8 m

Ras Mohammed is quite a tricky dive with potentially strong currents. We were told to play Follow the Leader in a long line. Vis was pretty dire, and spent most of the dive slightly out of breath 'in the blue'. I spent more time checking out the other divers than looking at coral. Siobhan seemed to sink lower into the murky depths. I swam up to her (or rather down) when I thought she was pressing the wrong button on her BC - deflating instead of inflating. Told her to go up a bit but she didn't look very impressed. Gary spotted a small Brown Moray hiding in the coral and a dew moments later saw a much larger Black Moray half way out of its hiding place opening and closing its mouth. These moray sightings made the dive. Also saw a school of barracuda pass underneath us. The long swim knackered most people a bit. At the end there were lots of boats around and Craig told us to surface close to the reef. I went up extremely slowly with Gary, Dave Lewis and June, circling slowly keeping an eye out for boats overhead.

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