Dive 32

Ras Ghoslani to 18.7 m

Ras Ghoslani is the site of the future National Park Headquarters. It has only recently been opened up to divers and so the coral is pristine. I think I saw more variety of fish, especially tiny ones, but it may have been my imagination. Saw some lime green Cabbage coral several times and an incredible Feathered starfish which normally only comes out at night; it was lying on its own in the sand a few centimetres from a coral outcrop and looked like a cross between a spider's web and a shuttlecock and black and red in colour. Also saw light blue coral.

Had trouble keeping up with Gary at first because he was shooting off into the distance. Yet again Will saved me from crashing into something because I wasn't looking where I was going. Sometimes I tend to look straight down as I drift over coral to get a good look at what's going on. On this occasion I felt a tug at my fin. I looked round and saw Will. When I looked where I was going I realised that I was about to crash head first into a massive outcrop of coral. The other highlight of the dive was that Siobhan actually 'OKed' back to me when I 'OKed' her instead of giving me her usual disdainful nod.

Surfaced with Clare and Dave and with Gary still not quite up we linked arms to steady Clare so that she could have a pee in her wetsuit. She couldn't manage it was in such discomfort through busting for a wee that I have never seen anyone get onto a boat and out of their kit so fast. She begged Tony to pull her out of her wetsuit, hurriedly dried herself and then disappeared into the boat for relief.

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