Dive 31

Ras Mohammed to 21.2 m

A much more enjoyable dive on Ras Mohammed. Sank down and were immediately joined by two enormous wrasse one Humphead and one Napoleon who seemed fascinated by us. They followed us as we drifted along a coral wall teeming with life. Ended up on the wreck of the Alando which had a huge pile of Ideal Standard lavatories on the sandy bottom. Will took a picture of Gary sitting on one of them. Swam up a channel against the current. Saw a Threespot dascyllus swimming in and out of fire coral, and an unfortunately little fish dead in the middle of it - although when I told Craig this afterwards he thought it highly unlikely that I had seen a dead fish that hadn't been eaten by something else yet.

Swimming against the current paid off when we turned round and had a nice little drift dive of about 1 knot back down the channel. Had a little scare when I thought I had lost Gary but he was just hiding round the corner.

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