Dive 43

Lulworth Cove to 3.7 m

A beautiful day - the weather was the complete opposite of the day before. Unfortunately so was the diving. Zoe, John and I finned out into Lulworth Cove to practice inflating a delayed SMB. We pulled ourselves down a buoy into the worst vis I have ever seen. I could just about make out the outline of my hand when I held it out in front of me. Zoe inflated her delayed SMB but I didn't see it. Then I did mine. It caught on the handle of the reel but I managed to sort it out. We aborted the dive because we couldn't see anything. It turned out that there had been a strong wind blowing inland for about a week. This had stirred up the sandy bottom making for a naff dive. However it was fun putting on a show for the sunbathers on the beach.

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