Dive 44

Stoney Cove to 34.8 m

First fresh water dive. Air temperature was very cold, water temperature not so bad. Swam down to the aeroplane, then the helicopter and finally swam over the coach on its side. Vis was pretty good considering. We ended up next to a drop off. Paul pointed down as if to say "Shall we go to the bottom?" I gave the OK and we swam over the brink. We sank lower and lower and the water got darker and darker and colder and colder. We hit the bottom at 35 m and it felt weird. This was the deepest I had ever been and the combination of the cold and the depth made me feel quite narked. My computer said I had 5 minutes no- stop time - I've never seen it that low before. Pootled around the bottom for a few minutes - felt very light-headed. Computer went into decompression stop mode. Pleasant dive, but a really dump profile.

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