Dive 55

Blue Hole to 40.1 m

Returned to the site of our first dive in Gozo. Dropped down into the Blue Hole, swam under the arch and then round the point to the left (last time we had gone right). Beautiful vis as ever. Saw a couple of rather large fish for a change. Also saw a caterpillar-type thing crawling along the red coloured rocks. Gary's computer showed he had exceeded his no- stop time by 1 minute (mine still showed 3 minutes left) so we ascended. Had a quick look in a cave and then came back. Found a round basket made of wire - a kind of miniature lobster pot, very well made. Passed the chalk blocks again. Swam back under the arch into the Blue Hole and found a very handy ledge at 6 m on which to sit and do our safety stop - decompression made easy!

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