Dive 57

City of Waterford to 26.1 m

My first dive in the snow. Wreck was some way out and by the time we got there snow had started settling on our gear. It was very choppy and I was actually physically sea sick for the first time. Kitted up and waiting for what seemed an eternity to enter the water. I was zombified by sea sickness. Once in and down it was blissful: the water temperature was 10 degrees Celsius compared to the air temperature of minus 1. Alas we lost Ron by the time we got to the bottom and had to abort the dive. Sea sickness returned almost as soon as I reached the surface, tempered by relief that Ron was safe and sound back in the boat. The wreck had been very dark - not helped by the fact that the torch I'd borrowed off John had very weak batteries. All in all this dive was an ordeal, but I'm glad I did it.

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