Dive 58

Kimmeridge to 3.1 m

This was a little shake down dive with my new BC in preparation for the next dive of the day on the Kyarra which we expected to be challenging. Buddied up with Anna, the girlfriend of Regis. This is the first time I've done a buddy check partly in French. I'm pretty sure that Anna's English was much better than my French, but between the languages we seemed to check everything out OK. After a minor hitch when Anna's open-heeled fins wouldn't fit over her booties (she ended up borrowing Jacque's) we snorkelled out and then began the dive. It was a bit too shallow for a proper dive. I had plenty of weight (probably too much for a normal dive) and so was able to swim along the bottom, but Anna couldn't stay down for long periods of time and spent most of the time on the surface. I managed to find a place that was 3 m deep, and my computer went into 'no-fly' mode, quite an achievement for such a shallow dive. The water was fairly clear, and the colours were those of spring: purples and lilacs. No fish though.

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