Dive 67

Thatchers Rock to 8.1 m/27 ft

What a difference 2 make! Water temperature of 12 C (54 F) made this a bearable dive compared to the chilly waters of Cornwall last month. This was Tom's first dive for quite a few months, and his last dive had been in Belize wearing swimming trunks instead of a dry suit. Now heavily encumbered and with an SMB Tom had a few mishaps, getting tangled up in the SMB a few times. His fin strap also came loose just as mine did on a dive with Tony Fentham, and just like Tony had with me, I managed to refit his fin strap.

We saw some lovely anemones, including one with pale blue feelers with purple tips, and a primrose anemone. Tom also spotted a tiny nudibranc about a centimetre long rummaging around in some vivid green seaweed. Tom also found a small ring of lead shot with nobbles on like an oversized Polo mint.

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