Dive 68

The Ridge, Off Paignton to 9.6 m/31 ft

Started off as a fairly nondescript dive with my perennial buddy Dave Trought. Saw some striking Boring sponges which looked almost like giant corn on the cob. Pootled around for a while longer and then came across something that marked this dive out as being exceptional: a pair of cuttlefish. I'd heard all about these remarkable creatures, but had never seen any until now. The larger of the two was light grey in colour with what looked like a network of dark veins running along its body. The smaller female was light blue - cuttlefish change colour for camouflage and to show changing moods. The cuttlefish weren't too perturbed by our presence and we spent the rest of the dive following them around. Dave actually managed to stroke one of them. I felt serene watching these graceful creatures.

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