Dive 70

Cod Rock to 15.3 m/50 ft

Dave had the SMB as we descended down the rock face to the base of Cod Rock. Dave Almost immediately found a long hook discarded by a previous diver. Swam around gullies avoiding the running tide moving in and out of patchy vis. Pippa picked out a Cuckoo wrasse with her torch just before it retreated back into its hole out of sight. Saw a Ballan wrasse which gave me a start as I led the way over some rocks back out of the current.

Pootled around for a while bumping into each other and then came across a beautiful sprawling carpet of mussels. As we moved over the mussel bed we saw a number of bright yellow large Common starfish which became more numerous until we came to a breathtaking clump of them. The yellow starfish scattered over the dark grey unending carpet of mussels was a beautiful sight.

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