Dive 71

East Blackstone Rocks to 25.3 m/83 ft

Unfortunately I was lumbered with the SMB on this dive. Lost Paul and Syd for a short while. I stopped and waited for a few moments and then Paul came into sight. Spent most of the dive ensuring the line to the SMB didn't get snagged on any of the rocks towering over us. Got a bit of a shock when Paul came up being me with huge bright yellow Common starfish and slapped it up into my mask. As it happened I thought "I didn't think starfish could swim!" I recoiled in horror, and then realised it was Paul's little joke. The expletives I shouted through my regulator were understood by Paul despite the fact that we were 25 metres underwater. We surfaced bang on 35 minutes as per plan having done a safety stop of a minute. However we didn't realise that the plan had been changed, and that just before entering the water the skipper had told us that we should cut short the dive and surface after 25 minutes, not 35. Paul and I hadn't heard him say this, so he and the rest of the boat (most of whom were horribly sea sick) were less than happy with us. Lesson learned: changing the dive plan at the last minute is not a good idea. If you do have to change the plan, double check that all concerned have heard and understood the change.

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