Dive 80

Drift dive onto Mohgenan to 23 m/75 ft

Practiced leading a Novice on a dive with Paul observing. Did the most through buddy check ever. Dropped down a rock into kelp and then swam away over a more interesting reef. Stayed above 20 m (66 ft) as per plan. The vis was superb and there was plenty to see. Kept a close eye on James and ensured he checked his air regularly.

All of a sudden we came across slats of wood neatly lined up in the tell-tale shape of the hull of the wreck of the Mohegan. It was a real thrill 'discovering' a wreck like this - I can imagine what divers feel like when they come across a virgin wreck. Dropped below 20 m (66 ft) to get properly onto the wreck because this was so special. After a few minutes swam off the wreck and gradually got shallower marvelling at the beautiful reef.

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