Dive 81

Gabriel Rock, Guernsey to 33.9 m/111 ft

Went down the shot line and hit the bottom at about 15 m. The water was fairly warm - my computer initially read 16 C (61 F) and the vis was all right. Swam gradually deeper seeing a variety of life. Simon teased a little crab which looked most unhappy. Ended up at almost 34 m (112 ft) where it was still light and not too cold. Found a few scallops - I even saw one swimming along, but they were all too small to catch. Scallops should show at least three lines on their shells to be suitable for catching and eating. That way they've had a chance to breed. Swam towards shallower water and Simon tried to tease a small lobster out of its hiding place. The poor thing bolted for it and disappeared for good into a much better hiding place. Simon also found an intact cereal bowl. Swam over red seaweed which turned into kelp. Returned to the shot line after Simon picked out a beautiful Cuckoo wrasse with his torch. These lovely vivid blue fish look totally out of place in British waters - you'd expect to find them only in the Red Sea.

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