Dive 84

Pavlaison Reef, Sark to 29.8 m/98 ft

Started off swimming down a gully with a sandy bottom. As ever in the Channel Islands the walls on each side were plastered with life. Got down to 30 m (98 ft), went round the reef and hit a patch of poor planktony vis which lasted until the end of the dive. Found a huge crayfish hiding in a hole at the foot of a wall, its long antennae hinting at its massive size. Gradually made our way up and round the reef until at 11 m (36 ft) I started getting cold. After a bit of confusion signalling to Mac we made our way to some kelp at about 7 m (23 ft) and paused for a while. Our computers cleared off completely in a jiffy and we surfaced. On the surface I noticed blood in my snot which heralded ear problems which wrote off my next dive.

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