Dive 83

Anfré Rock, Guernsey to 38.4 m/126 ft

Lovely drift dive with beautiful walls dropping down to just short of 40 m (131 ft). I found a green bottle and jokingly glugged pretend wine from it (regulator still in my mouth) while Simon looked on bemused. We had planned to take it easy on this one, but the dive was so pleasant before we knew it were at a murky 38 m (125 ft). I must have been a bit narked because I felt so serene and comfortable moving like velvet through the clear, still water.

Simon found a lobster but it retreated into its hole. Simon poked around trying to tease it out. I saw him pull something out, and for a moment I thought it was the lobster. I turned out to be a white Thermos flask which Simon handed to me. In my slightly narked state the bizarre thought occurred to me that the lobster had turned into a Thermos (Lobster Thermos-adour?)

At this point Simon's computer chimed which I think meant we had used up our no-stop time. Gradually we made our way up round a wall into shallower water. With five minutes of stops showing on Simon's computer we decided to call it a day. We hung at 6 m (20 ft) decompressing and I felt relief when my computer cleared. A couple of minutes later Simon's cleared and we ended a day of rather deep diving.

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