Dive 87

Lower Heads, South Herm to 40.5 m/133 ft

The aim of this dive was to catch some scollops. We landed in kelp and went on a bearing of 130 through a fairly wide gully out onto gently shelving gravel. We ventured deeper and deeper looking for scollops, but had no success. I found several empty shells, but didn't find anything to put in the waiting goody bag in the left pocket of my stab jacket.

We got to 40 m (131 ft) and then gave up finding any scollops and swam over a fairly pleasant piece of reef. Mac gave me the 'wank' signal. I don't know whether he meant that the dive was very good or very bad, but I nodded my head in agreement anyway. Simon sent up his delayed SMB and we decompressed for a while. Shame we didn't find any scollops, but at least I'd felt rather mellow at 40 m.

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