Dive 88

Dr Rudolf Wahrendolf to 30.8 m/101 ft

We swam along the top of the wreck towards the stern, shining our torches in the holes on the deck. At the stern we headed back and then dropped down the side and swam into the belly of the wreck. We rummaged around for a few minutes. Simon found the sole of an old shoe and I found more bits of china. We then swam up through the deck and along the top. Simon found a tiny little crab which he teased for a moment and then let scuttle angrily down a rusting post to hide in some weed. I found yet more pieces of china, similar to the one I retrieved on my last visit, but they looked suspiciously like the remnants of the ship's lavatory bowl. I no longer felt as proud of the piece of china sitting in a drawer in my cabin on the Dunedin.

We returned to the surface doing a short stop with everyone else. John Maguire had a lobster in his goody bag, which pinched Will's finger. It was rather too small too eat, so we let it free in the sea once we were back on deck and had had a good look at it.

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