Friday 26 April 1996

Worldwide Solo Divers Conference Called Off

By Fawlty O'Ring
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The Worldwide Solo Divers Conference has been called off because no-one wanted to go to a conference where there would be other people. Said one solo diver: "I like to go to conferences on my own. I know it goes against what some people might call common sense, and breaks the fundamental cornerstones of training agencies like TWATI, but it's my own personal choice. If I want to conference alone, then that's my business."

Said another: "The organisers of this conference were totally authoritarian. They insisted that more than one person had to be in the room at a time. They wanted to treat us like kids, not divers." But conference organiser Randy Bar denied that safety considerations came into it. "We just couldn't justify the expense of organising a whole worldwide conference just for one solo diver. We needed several people to turn up to break even, and that went against the ethics of the solo-diving community."

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