Reunion in Bristol 11-13 March 2022

A group of friends with memories so grand,
Decided to reunite in Bristol’s land.
They stayed at Avon Gorge Hotel, with a view so divine,
And knew this reunion would be one of a kind.

Their first night out, they dined in a restaurant,
That served the best sausages, they’d ever want.
The laughter and jokes filled up the space,
As they relived old memories with smiles on their face.

Next, they hit the town for some fun,
At a student club where dancing was done.
The music was loud, the crowd was wild,
And the friends knew they’d be dancing like a child.

The Union building, they were shown around,
With its grand halls and amazing sound.
The memories they made there, they’d treasure for life,
As they roamed around, free from any strife.

But then, COVID came in like a thief in the night,
And some of them were caught in its spiteful sight.
The reunion was cut short, and their hearts were heavy,
For they knew they had to part ways, quick and steady.

But even though they had to leave so soon,
Their friendship still shone like the brightest moon.
For in their hearts, they knew they’d always be close,
And their love for each other, only grows and grows.

The memories they made will forever last,
Even if the reunion was over fast.
For the bond they share is like a chain,
Strong and unbreakable, it’ll forever remain.


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