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History of Changes

31 May 98Updated front page details. Added overview of dive trips I've done since 1996 as well as a some photos from Gozo and the Scilly Isles aboard the Dunedin.
23 Jun 96Added backlog of dives from my trips to Paignton, Swanage, Cornwall and the Channel Islands. I enjoyed my deepest dive to date to 51.4 m (157 ft) on the way back from the Channel Islands. The last couple of days diving in Cornwall were fantastic and I logged one of my finest dives yet in British waters. I've started showing measurements in both metric and English units for those divers who prefer feet and psi to metres and bar. Please note my new e-mail address timr@dircon.co.uk. The old one will still work, but I'll check it less reguarly until CompuServe gives me a decent e-mail address and introduces a POP 7 mail server.

Finally, I've added long overdue missing photographs of more of my buddies, including a part of a cool shot of Paul Larrett.
Photo of Paul Larrett
14 Apr 96Added dives from the trip I organised to Manacle rocks over the long Easter weekend including my most horrible dive to date. It wasn't all bad though: dives on the Volnay and Mohegan were very good and our experience with Porthkerris Divers inspired me to add a Recommended Skippers and Centres page listing all the skippers and dive centres I have dived with who have impressed me. Added photos of my buddies Ron James and Paul Grogan. The reason Ron looks so odd is that he was covered in snow when the photo was taken
31 Mar 96Added Dorset dives from this weekend including my coldest dive to date
17 Mar 96Added Gozo dives including my deepest dive to date. Also uploaded my most recent dive which took place in the snow in January. My entire log book is now here
10 Mar 96Added Weymouth and Stoney Cove dives including a dive that could have ended in disaster. Added a list of dive shops in and around London following an e-mail I received from Rob Mills in Kingston, Surrey. I have since met Rob in person, and he was last seen getting the phone number of a glamourous blonde ex-girlfriend of mine at my birthday party last night - if only everybody who surfed into this page was so lucky! Moved history of changes to this site and links to other scuba web sites from main page onto their own pages
03 Mar 96Added rest of Red Sea dives. Added link to the BSAC Incident Reports home page. Added graphic background. Corrected bug in HTML on this page which made the counter invisible to people browsing with Netscape 2.0 - this was a shame because last week the counter whizzed up after this site was listed in the What's New section of Yahoo scuba. I only discovered the bug after upgrading from Netscape 1.2 to 2.0 (which is worth doing, by the way, because Netscape 2.0 is great)
25 Feb 96 Added my Dive Buddy Page. Added some Red Sea dives including my favourite dives to date on the Thistlegorm. Corrected dates in the What's New section which were all in 95
18 Feb 96 Added Weymouth dives and Brighton dives to log book. Added tank graphic from the Rich Mannix Image Library (thanks Rich)
11 Feb 96 Added rest of Swanage dives and Weymouth, May 1995 dives to log book. Tidied things up a bit by hacking HTML directly in Home Page Manager instead of using Home Page Wizard. Added counter
04 Feb 96 Added log book structure and one dive
03 Feb 96 Created

Tim Rogers Diving Page