Dive 82

Oost Vlaanderen to 32 m/105 ft

From the bottom of the shot line swam against the current towards the bow of the wreck. Swam down to the sea bed shining our torches in the nooks and crannies of the wreck picking out fish. Swam through the wreck from a hole in the port side and popped out of the starboard side. A few minutes later Simon entered the wreck again but it seemed like rather a tight squeeze to me so followed his bubbles and swam over the top. Said hello to hit down though a hole in the wreck. Then he swam back but I lost him for a short while. Found a plume of silt clouding out of the side of the wreck and guessed that he must have just come out of it. Sure enough spotted him very soon afterwards just above me shining his torch at me. We were well into stop time so made our way up the shot line. Did my longest stop to date of 10 minutes.

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